Skylight IPV

Independent valuation of over-the-counter derivatives

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Our thoughts are with everyone in these troubled times. Rest assured all of our staff are following government advice and staying at home to ensure that we can provide continuous service to our partners throughout this crisis. Read more here.


Skylight IPV is an independent company providing risk managers and product controllers at market making institutions with extensive, reliable and independent OTC derivatives valuations data in a transparent, secure and timely manner to enable them to perform their accounting and risk functions efficiently and accurately.


With over 150 years of combined experience and expertise in trading, product control and price verification our staff provide a comprehensive service that you can trust. Why not meet the team?


Our pricing structure is simple, transparent, and cost-effective for our customers. To discuss your coverage requirements and pricing plans, please contact us.


Skylight IPV maintains a firm commitment to use customer data only for price verification, and never to repackage or resell your data for any other purpose.


Our systems have been engineered from the ground up to be robust, secure and scalable. Read more.


Leveraging new technologies allows us to remain agile and responsive in an ever changing market.


Our reputation and integrity are important to us and that’s why all interactions with our clients are confidential and fully auditable.


We offer extensive coverage across all major financial asset classes.

Working in partnership with the largest participants in the OTC derivatives markets, we are constantly broadening and deepening our coverage. For details of our complete offering, or to discuss your specific needs, please contact us.


Energy, power and gas, metals, softs and agriculturals


Options, swaps, correlations and exotics

Foreign Exchange

Vanilla, emerging markets, barriers

Interest Rates

Swaptions, caps and floors, inflation, Bermudans, exotics



Skylight IPV has been engineered from the ground up using Amazon Web Services, allowing us to build robust and scalable systems.


All data are encrypted for transmission and storage, and a full audit history of all user actions in the Skylight system is available on demand.

API for easy integration

Interactions with Skylight systems can be automated using our REST-based API, and support is available to help integrate with your existing systems.