Business Continuity & Covid-19

25th March 2020


Our thoughts are with everyone in these troubled times and we hope that you are all staying safe and well.

In all ways other than the location of our staff we are operating as normal and are ready to support our clients in any way that we can, whether through our existing services as an alternative source of quality consensus data or through new services where needed.

With our systems in the cloud, our knowledge distributed throughout the team and having common tools and processes across the asset classes, we can continue to provide our existing services seamlessly, even in the event of key staff members being unable to work through sickness.

We stand ready and committed to work in partnership to help our clients through these unprecedented and extremely difficult times.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss any requirements that you may have.

All at Skylight IPV wish you the very best and look forward to hearing from you soon.